Feed The Computer Nerds

Remember that old saying about the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach?  Well, the same goes for computer nerds.  If you have a computer nerd in your life, here are the treats and snacks that will insure that your computer nerd will be happy and will continue helping you solve your computer emergencies….

Doughnuts – What do cops and computer nerds have in common?  Besides a love of danger and speed (the nerds get this in video games), they both love doughnuts.  You visit any doughnut shop at any time of the day or night, and you are guaranteed to see a gathering of nerds and cops, both at different ends of the store, eating their favorite deep fried treats.

Taco Bell – Whether it is lunchtime, or 1:00 A.M., a computer nerd sometimes needs real food.  Well, as real as you can get from a fast food place with subtly offensive commercials.

Fritos, Doritos or Any Other Chips – Any type of chip that can be eaten while a game is in progress works the best.  If there is a robot available that can feed the nerd while they continue gaming or programming, that would optimal.

Mountain Dew and/or Diet Coke – Caffeine is a necessity for 48 hour Halo marathons, so stock up on lots of Dew and Diet Coke.  Yes, Diet Coke.  Nerds have self image issues too!

Toblerone – Ok, this one is just for me.  I love this candy!

Remember to show the love to your favorite computer nerd!


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