Product Spotlight: Clear Wireless Internet

You may have seen the commercials on TV, or walked past the kiosk at the mall, but what exactly is Clear Wireless Internet service?

Clear is a company that offers high speed internet in a mobile application using 4G wireless technology.  The company offers several different plans and options including mobile wireless internet, telephone services and home internet access.

Mobile wireless is provided by using laptop air cards or usb wireless connections.  Home internet service is made possible by a wireless access point, similar to a cable or DSL modem.  You can plug a switch or router into the wireless modem to share the internet connection to multiple computers in your home or office.  Telephone service uses VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol), the same technology many companies use.

The benefits:  The service is priced fairly reasonable, and the download speeds can match traditional broadband in certain area’s.  Mobile internet is a great tool for businesses and home users.  Now you can surf the internet all over town.

The drawbacks:  Some area’s may not have the best coverage.  4G is a relatively new technology, and some of the bugs may not be worked out completely.  VOIP relies on a steady internet connection.  If there is an issue with the internet, your phone will also be down.

As we have said before, 4G is going to change alot of ways you access the internet and digital services.  Clear Wireless Internet is a good example of that.  With a 14-Day window to test the service before getting locked into a contract, you can easily test Clear for yourself.


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