Why Windows 7?

inQuo Computer Support in Salt Lake City, inQuo Computer repair Salt Lake City, inQuo computer support in Utah, inQuo computer repair in UtahMuch of the hoopla by the Microsoft marketing team talks about all the benefits of upgrading to Windows 7.  But is it all smoke and mirrors?

Speed – One of the great things about Windows 7 is the vast improvement over Vista when it comes to using the memory on your computer.  Booting up, switching applications and browsing the internet are all significantly faster with Windows 7.

Compatibility – One big complaint with Vista was the lack of support for many of the software programs people used in Windows XP.  Windows 7 makes the process of installing software and hardware much easier.  More software programs can be used with Windows 7, and installing hardware like printers and cameras has been streamlined.

Hardware Specifications – Windows Vista required a huge investment in hardware, including more memory and a better processor.  Windows 7 can work on more Windows XP hardware, making the transition less expensive.

Search – The built-in utility for search runs incredibly fast and is very easy to access.  Simply click on the start menu and start typing your search term.  With extensive indexing, search will look within files on the hard drive, emails and compressed folders.

Windows 7 is definitely an improvement over Vista, and can be an option for improving features in XP, especially security.  Remember, be sure to back up all of your important files before performing an upgrade, just in case something goes awry.


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