The Weird and Wonderful Safe-Mode!

This article works better if you hum the tune to “The Magical Mr. Mistoffelees” from the musical Cats.

Spend any amount of time talking to a computer nerd, and you will probably hear them talk about booting in “Safe-Mode”. Ask them why, and they may act like a magician guarding a sacred illusion.

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Safe-Mode is a diagnostic tool that allows you to boot up a computer (Windows or Mac) with a minimal set of drivers and functions. By scaling down the amount of services and drivers that run, you may be able to boot the computer up when otherwise it would not power on.

When a computer is plagued by viruses and malware, and is crawling along slowly, Safe-Mode may be the only hope. As computer technicians, using Safe-Mode is a must when removing viruses. Many of the protocols and programs that viruses and malware use have been disabled in Safe-Mode, allowing the tech to remove the pesky malware much easier.

Safe Mode can also be used when opening certain programs. On a Mac, you can open most Microsoft Office programs in Safe-Mode. This is useful if you are experiencing issues opening certain documents with corrupt fonts, a known issue with a Mac.

The popular internet browser, Firefox, also has a Safe-Mode option. If the browser has been compromised by viruses, Safe-Mode is a good way to temporarily get around the issues the virus may be causing.

So Safe-Mode is where it’s at for troubleshooting and fixing problems. No more will your eyes start glazing over when your favorite computer nerd starts spouting lingo and acronyms. You are empowered with knowledge! Now go out into the world, and use Safe-Mode for good, not evil!


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