Weird and Wonderful Bluetooth!

inQuo Computer Repair in UtahI was recently at my grandmothers house, and she asked me what the heck that thing in my ear was.  As I explained to her what my Bluetooth headset was for, she seemed astounded.  Of course, Grandma is still using a VCR and rabbit ears on her tube TV.

Bluetooth Now

Most people, besides Grandma, have heard of, or use, a Bluetooth device.  Bluetooth technology uses tiny short-range radio signals to connect devices together.  Any Bluetooth device can communicate with another Bluetooth enabled device, regardless of who actually makes the equipment.

Unlike standard wireless network connections, Bluetooth is a short term connection.  Once one of the devices is finished transmitting the data it needs, the connection is terminated.

The most common Bluetooth devices are headsets.  Lightweight and easy on power consumption, Bluetooth headsets make hands-free communication easy and within reach of most people.  Any new cell phone is Bluetooth enabled, and headsets can cost as low as $20.

Other popular Bluetooth devices include keyboards and mice, speakers, stereo headphones, remote control devices and even video transmitters.

Bluetooth in the Future

As more and more devices incorporate this technology, everyday functions like paying for gas, ordering meals, and redeeming coupons may all be done using a handheld device.

The medical field may find dozens of applications for monitoring and maintaining patient’s health using Bluetooth.  Imagine a doctor being able to monitor a patients vital signs as they are sitting in their living room.  How about a lifesaving phone call if an ill person cannot make the call themselves?  Medical testing now involves leads and wires that are intrusive and can sometimes produce inaccurate results.  Bluetooth testing devices may solve some of those issues.

Common household appliances may soon be fitted with Bluetooth hardware, allowing your fridge to alert you if the door has been left open, or your dryer can tell you that your clothes are ready to be folded.  You could use the same handheld device to call your parents, order pizza online and change the channel on your television.

As the technology improves, the quality of data, audio and video should increase, making Bluetooth a universal transmission catalyst.


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