Google Tips and Tricks – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter

So everyone knows all the coolest ways to use Google, the premier search engine, right?  Yeah, we thought we did too.

What Time Is It In……
Bangladesh, London or Zimbabwe?  Just type in the search term “What time is it in ______________” and finish it with whatever location on the planet you need to know the local time.

What the heck is a Dryococelus Australis?
Just go to Google’s web page, click on images and type in your search term.  Hundreds or thousands of results with  the image of your search desire.  Just be careful at work with certain search terms.  Google defaults to a “Moderate” setting for a safe search, but some NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images may show up in the results.

How much does that Doggy in the window cost……in Australian currency?
Google has a powerful conversion tool built right in to the their search engine.  Just type your conversion question, like “how many seconds are in a year”, “how many cups are in a gallon”, or “how many feet are in a gigaparsec”?  PS.  There are 1.01236229 × 1026 feet in a gigaParsec.

Have a phone number but not the address?
Type in the full telephone number with the area code and the name and address will be displayed in most cases.

Only want to find search results for PDF or Microsoft Word documents?
Just use a a search phrase like this example:  “Star Wars Script” filetype:pdf  For Word documents, type this:  “garlic burger recipe” filetype:doc
Mmmmm garlic burgers.

Need to know the weather for your next vacation?
Just type “weather” followed by a location for the local weather results.

Area Code Search
Need to know where an area code is from.  Just type the three digit code into the search bar and Google will tell you where it is from.

Want to only search a specific website?
You may want to limit your search to a single website.  Just use the following search example: “hard drive”


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