A Heartfelt Plea from inQuo – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE back up the files on your computer!

In the last year, we have had 10 clients experience a hard drive crash.  We were able to recover data from just 2 of those hard drives.  That’s 20 percent.  100 percent of those clients did not have any kind of back up solution.

Imagine this.  Tomorrow when you turn on your computer, you see a black screen with a message that says “disk drive not found”.  Your hard drive is dead, and there is only a 20 percent chance that the information on the drive can be recovered.

What will you lose?

  • If you are a business, you may lose your Quickbooks data, your customer records, and the important documents that are necessary to run your business.
  • For home users, you could lose pictures of your firstborn child, or those of a loved one that has passed.  You may lose important tax documents, your kids homework, and your music library.
There are some very easy and inexpensive ways to back up your information.  Some of these solutions, once setup, will automatically back up your important data, and can be a lifesaver WHEN your hard drive crashes.
  1. CD/DVD Burner – Most computers have one, but this is a very manual process.  You have to remember to initiate the back up by copying and pasting your files to the blank CD/DVD.  This is the good intentions solution.
  2. External Hard Drive – External drives are relatively inexpensive, and many come with software that will help you setup automatic back ups.  If you don’t have software to do an automatic back up, you can use Syncback Freeware.  This is a very easy to use program that is free, and sets up in minutes.  It can automatically back up all of your important data.  Just make sure you know which data to grab, like documents, databases, email files, etc.
  3. Secure Online Back Up Solution – Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective solution, there are several companies that provide this service.  We like Carbonite.  It is an inexpensive and extremely easy provider for back ups.  Follow a wizard to choose the files you need backed up, and you can always recover your data from any computer that has internet access.

For back ups, any solution will be better than not doing it.  We urge you to think about what you are doing to protect your valuable files and information.  Please contact us for help or advice.  A small cost up front will save you from a huge cost and headache later on.


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