Web Hosting and Domain Names – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 19

Anyone who has looked into creating a web site for their business, or personal endeavors, has probably heard some terms that they may or may not be familiar with, including Hosting, Domains, Registrar, etc.

So what does it all mean Bazzle?

Domain Name

inQUo.  Domain Names and Web Hosting The Domain Name is the label or identifier for your internet based website or interest.  The Domain name is broken down in different levels, including Top Level, Second Level and Lower Level names.
  • The Top Level Domain is actually the little code after the period, like “.com’ or “.biz”.  Most people are familiar with “.com”, and it may be the most advantageous to secure a domain name registration with the “.com” top level domain.
  • The Second Level Domain is the actual name that you choose for your website, like inQuo.com, with inQuo being the second level domain.
  • Lower Level Domains can be added to the front of the second level domain.  For example, our blog is inQuo.wordpress.com.  inQuo is the lower level domain.

Finding the Perfect Domain Name

Got the perfect domain name in mind?  Good, now think of 15 more.  Chances are, the domain name you are interested in may have already been purchased.  It is a good idea to come up with a list of possible names, before doing a search.

Once you have your list of possible domain names, access the website for the domain hosting company you have chosen.  You can usually register your domain name with the hosting company all in one shot.

Warning. There are companies that use sophisticated software that scans the internet for recently searched domain names.  Once you find an available domain name, you usually have 10-15 minutes to purchase that name.  After that time, one of these companies may purchase it out from under you.  They will then be happy to re-sell the domain registration to you, usually at a higher price.

The company that you choose to pay to register your domain is called the Registrar.

Web Hosting

Every website that you visit on the internet is stored on a server, somewhere.  Simply storing the data will not allow users to see your website. inQuo Domain Hosting

Hosting is a process of announcing to the world about where your website is stored, and the domain name that people can use to access the site.  Some larger companies purchase their own servers and host their websites themselves, but most companies and individuals will pay a company to host their website for them.

There are many companies out there that can provide hosting, but it is always best to research and find a company that is both affordable, and that can offer great technical support and customer service.


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