The Virus Issue – Part Three of Three – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 13

So you have a virus, or several.  What are some ways to remove those pesky programs for your computer?

Disconnect from the Web

Once your computer is infected, you will probably want to close the internet connection as soon as possible.  If you are on a business network, you could infect other machines on the network.  Some viruses also spread through instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The longer your computer is on the internet, the chances are more likely that you may infect another computer.

Also, if your computer is acting as a Zombie Machine, you may be sending out spam emails.

Boot in Safe Mode

Most viruses are not effective if you are running in Safe Mode.  Turn off the computer, then restart.  As soon as you see any information on the screen, start tapping on the F8 key.  Even if you hear beeping when you tap on that key, continue.  You should eventually be presented a menu screen.  Use the arrow keys to choose Safe Mode.

Safe Mode lets the computer run on a minimal amount of drivers.  This is  great way to fix issues, and especially, remove any viruses.

Because your computer is no longer connected to the internet, you will need another computer to download the following files.  Download and save the files to a blank CD or a USB flash drive.  Install them on the infected machine and let each one scan completely:

  • MalwareBytes – Anti Malware/Spyware/Virus program.  Free program that is very good at removing many infections.
  • UnHackMe – A pretty good program that can remove many viruses and worms.  This program is a bit trickier to run, but if you can get it figured out, you may be virus free.  The program is a trial version, but will run for 30 days for free.

OK, I Have Tried All Those Things, But There is Still Weirdness

Virus removal can be hit-or-miss sometimes.  If you still having symptoms of a virus, you may need to search forums and anti-virus company websites for specific information about the virus issues you are having.  Here are some links to good resources we use:

  • – Offers great forums and tutorials for many levels of computer users.
  • – Similar to bleeping computers, find many useful tips for your computer use.

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