The Thanksgiving Issue – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 17

So, what are computer nerds thankful for?

How on earth could we surf the net if there were no electricity?  We couldn’t.  Unless we had this cool setup.

A staple of Thanksgiving, and the diet of any upstanding computer nerd person is pie.  But, which is the best pie?  Does Pumpkin Pie stand up in today’s oversized and over-choiced world?

inQuo's Picture of a Pie According to New York Magazine, a sweet potato-pecan pie ranks number one.  Agree?  If you think you have a better one, just let us know and we can come do a taste test!

Family Togetherness and….
Ok, so getting together with the family on Thanksgiving is a tradition and stuff, but seriously, all day?  At least there is great food.  Football too, if you are into that.

Check out the comments section of this article for some interesting and funny stories:  NPR – Thanksgiving Horror Stories

The Xbox 360
Not all computerish people are gamers, but the Xbox 360 is more of an entertainment machine.  Not only can we kill zombies and crash cars, but if you have it set up right, you can stream television shows and movies from your computer, or from the internet.  You can even access Facebook from your couch now.
inQuo Video Game System
  • TVersity is a great software program that can turn your computer into a media server.  Set it up to access Hulu, YouTube and many other online video repositories.  Once Tiversity is setup, your Xbox 360 will be able to pull anything that is shared in the program.
  • Netflix can be streamed directly onto your Xbox360, even without TVersity.  No extra charge for streaming with your membership.

The Gateway into Christmas
Although retailers have already been dulling our senses with Christmas Creep, computer nerds know that when Thanksgiving arrives, Christmas is soon to follow.  And that means sales on all of our precious gadgets.  How do we stay on top of the best deals?  The wonderful, fabulous Internet.  That’s How!

  • Woot! – This great site offers funny and intriguing descriptions of the great daily deals they offer, with low shipping costs.
  • Buxr Shopping Deals – Listing great sales and a bunch of freebies.
  • dealhack – They search, you save.  Huge selection and many retailers give you lots of choices.

Thank You!
Operating a business in these perilous times can be tricky and a little scary.  We appreciate all of our clients for sticking with us.  We are thankful for all of the great contacts and relationships we have formed, and hope to continue building solid foundations with everyone we meet!  Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!


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