The Best Shortcut Keys – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 10

Have you ever seen someone that seems to be able to make their computer do incredible things just by using several combinations of keys?  It’s not magic.  Those keyboard commands are available to everyone, and here is a list of our favorites.

Microsoft Windows and Office

  • F1 Key = Help
  • CTRL+ESC = Opens the Start Menu
  • ALT+TAB = Switches Between Programs
  • ALT+F4 = Quit Program
  • CTRL+C = Copy
  • CTRL+V = Paste
  • CTRL+X = Cut
  • CTRL+B = Bold
  • CTRL+U = Underline
  • CTRL+I = Italicize
  • CTRL+A = Select All
  • CTRL+HOME = Top of Page
  • CTRL+END = Bottom of Page

Windows Boot Options

  • To access the computer BIOS setup, try pressing any of the following keys as soon as the computer boots up. (only access BIOS setup if you are sure of what you are doing) = F2, F10 or DEL
  • Boot into Safe Mode = Start tapping the F8 key as soon as the Windows logo appears on the screen (you may want to start tapping the key when the computer is turned on, even if you get error beeps)
  • – Once the Start-Up screen appears, use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode.

Apple Mac

  • COMMAND+E = Eject Disc
  • COMMAND+K = Connect to Server or Share
  • COMMAND+C = Copy
  • COMMAND+V = Paste
  • COMMAND+X = Cut
  • OPTION+SHIFT+COMMAND+ESC = Force Quit Applications
  • CTRL+EJECT = Shutdown Command Window

Apple Boot Options

* Hold down the OPTION key while booting = Displays all bootable volumes
* Hold down the SHIFT key while booting = Safe Mode Boot
* Hold down the C key while booting = Boot from disc
* Hold down the T key while booting = Boot into Firewire connection


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