Sharing Your Bookmarks – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 9

Wouldn’t it great if you could access all of your internet browser bookmarks from any computer?  Now you can.  There is a great program that works on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari web browsers.  It is free, and lets you access your bookmarks from any computer.

XMARKS Bookmark Sync
You can download this program for free from
The program will need to be installed on all computers to be synchronized.

Once the program is installed, create a free account.  Then choose the synchronization options for each computer.  You can even set up multiple sync profiles.  For example, create a profile called “work” for your work computer, and “home” for your home computer.  You can choose which profile to use for access to the bookmarks that are saved to it.  You can even use XMARKS on your web-enabled mobile phone.

For more useful programs and add-ons for web browsers, check out these links.

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