Business Card and Receipt Scanner – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 4

inQuo's suggestion for a business card and receipt scannerSo you attend a business meeting or networking event with potential clients, and when you get back to your office, you have a large handful of business cards.  Now what?  You can begrudgingly start adding those contacts to your Outlook manually, or, you can use a business card scanner.Business card scanners work much like larger image scanners.  They can scan documents, read text and produce images, pdf files and digital documents.  The difference with a business card scanner is that they are usually portable, and are packaged with software that makes it a snap to add contacts to Outlook or other contact management software.The scanner we use and recommend is the NeatReceipts scanner.  Portable, lightweight, easy to use, and not only will it scan your business cards in a snap, it can also scan restaurant receipts which can be imported directly into many popular accounting software packages like Quickbooks or Peachtree.

We found the best deals on this scanner at Costco or Sam’s Club, and Amazon is a good source for finding deals as well.


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