The Passwords That We Love to Hate – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 1

Passwords have you frustrated?

Ahhh passwords.  What a great idea.  Protect our sensitive data, emails and other personal information with a special password that only we know.  Of course, it seems as if we need passwords for nearly everything we do on our computers.

Many of us have fallen into the trap of using easily guessed passwords, and/or using the same password for multiple accounts.  There are dangers in both of those scenarios.

  1. Using a password that contains a word can be quickly and easily hacked with simple software programs that are easy to find on the internet.  Even if you throw the required number or symbol on the front or back of the password does not make it that much harder for these programs to crack your password.
  2. Using the same password for multiple accounts increases the risk of having one of your accounts compromised, and once they have that password, they may be able to access other accounts with it.  This is especially true for email accounts.

It is likely that if a hacker was able to get into your email account, they could find other passwords and account information by searching your saved emails.  How many times have you sent yourself an email with your account login name and password?

A good way to create a password that is easy to remember for you, but hard to crack is to use an acronym.  Come up with a sentence that you would remember, like My kids love to play soccer.  Now, turn that sentence into an acronym like this;  Mykdsl2plyS0cr or Mikl0v2Ps0cer.

There are also several software programs that allow you to store passwords in a highly secure database, allowing you to only have to remember one password to access that program.  A software program we recommend is Password Dragon (Free Download).   This is an easy to use intuitive program for windows users.  For Mac users, try PasswordVault Lite (Free Download).

Passwords can be a pain, and many of us may hate using them, but they are necessary to keep your ever increasing amount of personal information in cyberspace safe and secure.

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