Securing your Wireless Access – inQuo’s Tech Tip Tuesday Newsletter Volume 3

Wireless access is a great way to untangle the cords that hold you back from wandering around your office or home, laptop in hand.   It is a great tool for increasing productivity, but without the proper security, wireless access could expose you to security risks.Most wireless routers will offer ways to lock up the security of your wireless network.  There are typically two different security scenarios for wireless access.  WEP and WPA.
  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) was the original security protocol for wireless access.  Designed to offer the same protection as regular network passwords, it is now considered un-secure and can be easily hacked by someone with the proper equipment.
  • WPA (WIFI Protected Access) is the current standard for stronger wireless access security.
How do I know if my wireless security is setup?
The easiest way to tell is to use your computers network viewer to view available wireless networks.  If your wireless network shows a little padlock symbol, or if it requires a password to access it, then you are probably ok.   If your wireless security is not configured, it would be recommended to get it setup as soon as possible.  Each wireless router will be different when setting up the security options.We have linked some helpful pages for some of the main manufacturers of wireless routers:

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